5 reasons why you have to get a taste of the white truffles

White truffles are one of the most valuable culinary ingredients due to their set of intense flavors and aromas, but there are also various other benefits from this extraordinary mushroom. Truffles can't be homegrown and that is why every natural habitat of white truffles, like this one in Motovun forest, is almost as valuable as the „gold mine“.


Istrian white truffle is one of the best ranked truffles in the world which provides unique and intensive smell, and distinguished aromas. Even the simplest dish will become a unique gastro specialty with just a small amount of white truffles grinded on top of the already cooked meal. Here at restaurant Zigante we have created a special white truffle menu which will certainly please the senses of even the most demanding gourmands.


Truffles are also considered as one of the world's finest aphrodisiacs, which is perfectly understandable since fresh truffles have great nutritional value. Some researches even show that certain types of mushrooms such as truffles and shiitake mushrooms are also very effective in preventing dementia, atherosclerosis and even cancer.


Visit restaurant Zigante and enjoy perfectly served and creative specialties and delicacies based on rich and exceptional aromas and flavors of the Istrian white truffle.




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