Restaurant Zigante – ideal location combined with quality of food and service

Restaurants are usually ranked and valued by quality of food, quality of service and the very location of the restaurant. Here at restaurant Zigante we take special care to make sure all those requisitions are met with high standards.


Zigante is the first Croatian restaurant specialized in creating unique dishes with truffles and it is located in Livade, the heart of Istrian truffle-hunting area. Nearby Motovun forest is one of the world's largest natural habitats of truffles and that alone gives restaurant Zigante „pole-position“ when it comes to preparing creative and original specialties made of fresh truffles, pulled from the ground just hours before serving. Besides truffles, we use only fresh seasonal ingredients to make various gastro specialties and provide our guests with the best aromas and flavors of originally created meals.


Experienced staff of restaurant Zigante also offers impeccable service and makes sure that all guests feel welcome and get the royal treatment they deserve. Our renowned chef Damir Modrušan will certainly impress you with his amazing culinary skills and creative menus, our educated and professional waiters will be at your service at all times while respecting your privacy, and our esteemed sommeliers will take your fine-dining experience at restaurant Zigante on a whole other level by sharing their wine knowledge and matching your unique meal with a perfect wine counterpart.


Visit restaurant Zigante and enjoy perfect gastro adventure you and your company will surely remember.



LIVADE TARTUFI d. o. o. za trgovinu i preradu tartufa, putnička agencija


Livade 7, 52427 LIVADE

Matični broj: 01720180

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