The discovery of the Millennium marked the beginning of revealing Istrian truffles to the gourmet world.


Istria is not only a rich finding site of truffles but also the home of one of the biggest white truffles ever picked. It was discovered on November 2nd 1999 by Giancarlo Zigante and his dog Diana in the Motovun forest near Livade. Due to its weight of 1310 g, it was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest till then found white truffle in the world.


The record-holding truffle named Millennium could have achieved a fantastic price on the market, but instead of being sold, it ended up as the main ingredient of a dinner for hundred invited guests and as the first promoter of Istrian truffles. The celebration of the world record was the beginning of establishing the formal status of Livade as the Centre of the truffles world. The Millennium bronze replica is exhibited in the specialized Zigante shop in Livade as a reminder of the beginning of the rise of Istrian truffles to the deserved position in the gastro world.



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