Zigante extra virgin olive oil – the purest taste of nature inspired by tradition

Olive oil, also often referred to as “the liquid gold”, is considered to be one of the most valuable autochthonous products of Istrian peninsula and a true symbol of the Mediterranean way of life. Ideal climate conditions of this region, rich soil and centuries of oil-making traditioncreates a perfect combination for producing high-quality olive oils. It is not by accident that Istria was recently declared the best olive oil region in the world by the renowned Flos Olei guide for the third time in a row.


Zigante produces five varieties of extra virgin olive oil, including oils made from indigenous local varieties such as Istrian White and Buža, as well as foreign Leccino and Frantoio varieties. All extra virgin olive oils are produced by cold pressing of hand-picked olive fruit and contain no additives, all in order to provide our customers with the original and preserved flavors and aromas of fresh olives.


Aside from customers, the distinguished quality of Zigante’s olive oils has also been recognized by many experts and professionals on the numerous exhibitions and contests. The most prestigious award came from Flos Olei guide, the unrivaled authority when it comes to olive oils, which awarded Zigante Istrian White olive oil with the best biologically produced olive oil prize.


Just a few drops of the finest Zigante extra virgin olive oil will raise your dish to a whole other level and provide your senses with a unique gourmet experience you will certainly remember.



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