Zigante's Gold Menu – five courses of spectacular fish meals

Damir Modrušan, chef of Restaurant Zigante and the best Croatian expert when it comes to originating truffle-based meals, has prepared special five course "Gold Menu" for all those in search for extraordinary fish and seafood meals.

Black truffles are one of the most valuable ingredients in the modern cuisine. The distinguished aromas of this unique mushroom combined with fresh fish and seafood flavors will create a taste you have never felt before.


The Gold Menu includes the following:


  • Truffle cheese mousse, grana padano crumble, young peas cream, black truffles
  • Mix fish carpaccio with black truffles, green olive foam, cuttlefish ink cream
  • Ravioli filled with shrimp tails in Jerusalem artichoke foam, black truffles
  • Tuna steak, black truffles
  • Ice cream with truffles




Prepare yourself for spectacular sports atmosphere of Croatia Open Umag 2017 and ultimate gastronomic adventure brought to you by Restaurant Zigante.





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