Zigante truffle days – a unique gastro event in the heart of Istria

Motovun forest, located near village Livade on the Istrian peninsula, is one of the most desirable destinations in the world during the fall, and all because of one precious variety of mushrooms – the Istrian white truffle. It grows underground, it is located with the help of trained dogs, and most chefs consider it to be the most valuable natural culinary ingredient.


Zigante is a leading Croatian brand specialized in finding truffles and serving delicious specialties based on the distinguished flavors and intensive aromas of this amazing mushroom. To celebrate the beginning of truffle season Zigante organizes an exotic international truffle fair “Zigante truffle days”, which lasts for 10 weekends in a row and offers visitors a chance to taste some of the unique truffle delicacies prepared in an original and creative way by the famous Croatian chef Damir Modrušan.


Explore the secrets of the Motovun forest and participate in demonstrational truffle hunts guided by truffle experts, as well as in various workshops and degustation of truffle specialties, and take a peek at the international exhibition of traditional Istrian products such as olive oil, wine, cheese, prosciutto, and sausages.


The purpose of this manifestation is to present those exciting truffle flavors to the wider public, both tourist and local, and support tradition and customs of the Istrian region. Visit us in Livade and treat yourself to some of the best truffle experiences ever.


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