Apart from delicious truffles and wine, Zigante brand also stands for high-quality olive oils produced from the finest olive varieties and using only natural processing methods, all in order to preserve the freshness of flavors and aromas. If you still haven’t had the opportunity to try Zigante olive oils, here are some of the reasons why you should definitely introduce them to your kitchen.

For every palate – Modernly equipped and fully automatized production line in combination with indigenous Istrian olive varieties and long-lasting tradition of oil-making in Istria, enables us to offer more than 50 different olive oil products in five different labels – Standard, Premium, Gastro, Delice and Pivate label.

Rich aromas and flavors –Zigante olive oils are well known for their seducing aromas and delicate flavors. Since well-acclaimed Zigante restaurant is also a part of our brand, we know quite well how to produce oil which meets all those specific “gourmet” characteristics.

Pure taste of nature – Here at Zigante’s, olive oil is produced by cold pressing method which means that olives are picked from the tree and immediately pressed for oil, without adding any chemical substances or additives.

Visual attraction – fine texture of the oil and colors ranging from olive-green to bright yellow, as well as specially designed bottle, will also be a nice decorative addition to both your kitchen and your plate.

Recognized quality – Zigante extra virgin olive oils have proven their remarkable quality and taste by receiving numerous awards and recognitions on some of the most renowned domestic and foreign exhibitions, as well as in various guides and other authorities when it comes to this precious liquid.

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