A brief history of truffles

Their specific nuances and aromas are known to almost every palate that has been seduced into this game of fantasy and ecstasy – truffles are the favorite ingredient of top chefs and gastronomes who are lovers of only the most beautiful flavors. But to fully indulge in all the charms of truffles, get to know their brief history that led them to the title of the most delicious mushrooms and ingredient.

The first records of truffles date back to ancient times – then the origin of truffles was associated with natural phenomena, so people thought that they were created by lightning strikes in warm and moist soil, and often thought to be the children of the earth. In the Middle Ages, truffles were used very little, and the real change in the market was experienced only during the Renaissance and the modern era. Then, as a long-kept secret of the peasants, they came to the kings and presented the most delicious evenings of the highest social strata. As early as the beginning of the last century, most people used truffles in their diet, and today they are dear ingredient in every restaurant. Thus, they can be used as an addition to various dishes, whether salty or sweet, and with their extremely recognizable aroma and taste, they make a fantastic contribution to other harmonized ingredients.

The white truffle is cream in color and grows up to 12 inches in average, and can be found in the autumn. Black truffle is dark in color dotted with light channels and reigns in late autumn and winter, while summer truffle is dark and brown in color and is specific due to far less intense flavor than white and black truffles.

Throughout human history, truffles have been present in almost all eras and have seduced all social hierarchies with their specifics, so it is no wonder that today they are an exceptional ingredient of unique flavors and irresistible aromas of scents!

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