Tradition requires respect, nurturing and careful passing from generation to generation. Enviable skill, approach and customs are very important in the traditional story and layers that need to create a symbiosis of life with today’s modern ways. Zigante truffles adopts the approaches of today, and their products form a blend of tradition and art in modern attire. Truffles are among the most prized food of gastronomy because with their specific and intense aroma, as well as a taste that is very difficult to penetrate and reveal all its nuances and aromas, it perfectly harmonizes with various spices, side dishes and food, thus making an excellent appetizer, main course and dessert! Zigante truffles blended the tradition and the art of truffles with their approach, process and preparation, offering a variety of truffle products that can be used in the preparation of a variety of premium dishes offering their aromatic taste and emphasizing all their dominant nuances, but perfectly complementing the foods with to which it unites.Art is made of care and time that are dedicated to truffles, so they can reach those who love gastronomy and especially those who like this Istrian diamonds. Zigante truffles is completely dedicated to creating a truffle story and introducing it to the whole world through their products that will truly entice every palate. The tradition and art of Zigante truffles are a blend of exceptional skill, knowledge and time, as well as thoughtful care – a blend that leads to great truffle-based products as well as to highlighting their truly aromatic flavors.