Always say “Yes” to a lamb chop with fresh truffles and sweet potato cream with seasonal vegetables.

A lamb chop with fresh truffles could be the perfect choice for an extravagant meal to enjoy. The culinary masters at the Zigante restaurant would surely agree that this dish is the right choice.

This piece of meat mixes well with the earthy flavors of fresh truffles, whose natural aroma will more than satisfy your palate. On top of these two main ingredients, sweet potato onion cream will make the whole experience even more delicious. The strong, spicy flavors of this combination, along with your favorite cold drink will bring you to amazing levels of enjoyment.

Don’t forget that the Zigante restaurant is a real leader specializing in the preparation of truffles, so expect us to make sure that you enjoy this top-quality dish to the fullest.

Everything is already waiting for you. All you have to do is come to the Zigante restaurant on an empty stomach and open mind for a wonderful lamb chop delicacy with fresh truffles.


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