Amazing taste and nuances of black truffle ice cream

A true rhapsody of the most delicious aromas and textures that tease the palate when tasting, is based on a homemade and unique recipe. This is the idea and concept of the Zigante restaurant – a fantastic combination of flavors and aromas of the sea and the forest in which tradition and modernity meet, creating an irresistible combination of cuisine and aesthetics. Of course, the basis of the recipes are the famous and irresistible truffles. Have you ever tasted amazing nuances and flavors of black truffle ice cream?

The unique flavors of the ice cream recipe hide incredible, gentle and irresistible nuances, especially if these nuances are prepared from fresh black truffles. This extremely incompatible combination has climbed to the top of the list of summer and refreshing specialties – the chefs of the Zigante restaurant handmade this delicacy and according to a unique, original and homemade recipe, which significantly contributes to the final rhapsody of flavored ice cream nuances with aromatic black truffles.

Restaurant Zigante prepares fantastic recipes with unique foundations, famous flavors and amazing textures – this is exactly what awaits you when you taste the true fantasy of black truffle ice cream.

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