Aromatic white truffles

The underground gourmet specialty, the Istrian white truffle or Tuber Magnatum, is a prized specialty, which can be found in the fertile Motovun forest in the center of Istria. It is traced next to the roots of oak, linden, willow, poplar and other trees.

Tuber Magnatum, whose hunting season is starting right now, is also known as a powerful aphrodisiac, and with its astringent and intense taste it conquers all gastronomic connoisseurs and lovers of top specialties. White truffle is a wild mushroom that does not allow planned cultivation, but seasonal hunting of a limited autumn period, which makes it even more specific and appreciated.

There is Zigante restaurant in Livade, right next to the Motovun forest, the only restaurant in Croatia specialized in aromatic truffle dishes. On the menu of the Zigante restaurant you may find various specialties, original combinations that harmoniously combine Istrian specialties, such as Istrian Boškarin meat or homemade pasta with seasonal ingredients, vegetables and the inevitable truffles. Enjoy the superb flavors and knowledgeable recipes of the top chefs of the Zigante restaurant in this special gourmet treat!

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