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Vijesti i Događanja



Restaurant Zigante is well-known as one of the finest dining locations in Istria, not only because of the excellent location and sensational gastro offer, but also because of the warm and friendly atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a menu based on truffles.

Autumn is the most exciting time in restaurant Zigante and it brings a whole new specter of flavors based on ripe fruits of the nature, including irresistible flavors and aromas of fresh Istrian white truffles. Although restaurant offers a menu based on truffles during the whole calendar year, meals on the menu change depending on the current truffle season and the season of other natural ingredients.

That is the job for our experienced and awarded chef Damir Modrušan, who uses his knowledge on truffles and combines it with his exceptional culinary skills to create a perfect meal, both visually and taste-wise. He carefully develops his creative ideas into delicious dishes, which when perfected, get their special spot in our degustation menu.

These are only some of the additions we have recently introduced to our menu:

Taste some of the original dishes made from fresh seasonal ingredients and fall in love with the flavors of autumn. Visit restaurant Zigante in Livade, and treat yourself and your company with these unique specialties which will certainly please the senses of even the most enthusiastic gourmands.