Black truffle – the king of gourmet gems

BeauIful Istria, a wonderful and fairy-tale peninsula is oNen sIll called a mine of jewels, but not diamond ones but gastronomic ones. Truffle as the king of all gastronomic gems has become a part of gourmet dishes and is considered the pinnacle of Istrian regional cuisine. Two basic types, which are popular in the culinary world are black and white truffles. Regardless of the type of truffle, the search for this natural treasure requires trained dogs and the excepIonal aRenIon of a truffle hunter – a person who is looking for truffles. Their pungent and intense, earthy smell gives the food a unique and unsurpassed taste. We at Zigante Restaurant are aware of the value of black truffles, and every prepared dish, from a cold appeIzer to delicious desserts, is based on the magnificence of this mushroom. Our expert and experienced chefs prepare with great care and professionalism dishes with fresh black truffles, which always hide amazing flavors, aromas and textures united in an incredible rhapsody of flavors that will enchant everyone’s palate. For years, Istria has built a reputaIon as one of the most famous truffle sites, and we at the Zigante restaurant respect this very tradiIon and through our dishes express our love for Istria and the valuable black truffle mushroom.

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