For true gourmands, fall in Istria means only one thing – the beginning of white truffle season. With the first day of the September hunt for this most valuable truffle variety also begins here at Zigante’s, one of the leading distributors of fresh truffles and truffle delicacies.

Although nowadays prized and respected for its amazing scent and unique flavor, Istrian white truffle Tuber Magnatum Pico, wasn’t always as popular. It was Mr. Giancarlo Zigante who found one of the largest specimens of this variety back in 1999, entered the Guinness Book of Records, and placed Motovun forest and Livade at the very top of truffle destinations in the world.

For most chefs and culinary experts, white truffles are the most preferred ingredient in the kitchen, and for most gourmands they present a sensation for all senses, from nose to palate, mostly because of their intensive smell and the high potential to take even the most common dish to a whole new level. Same as other sorts of truffles, white truffle grows underground, in perfect symbiosis with the roots of poplar, hazel, oak and willow trees and it’s impossible to grow them artificially, which, apart from their characteristics, is one of the main reasons why their price is usually quite high.

If you want to get a taste of fresh, high-quality white truffles, Livade, a small village in the heartland of Istria is definitely the right place. Visit Zigante restaurant or truffle store and experience aromatic white truffles at their best.

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