Specializing exclusively in truffle dishes, Zigante Restaurant is one of the must-see places for all lovers of fine cuisine. Located in Livade, in the heart of Istria, Zigante Restaurant offers its guests an unforgettable gourmet experience of traditional Istrian cuisine, creative truffle recipes and the latest gastronomic innovations in the world. Chef Damir Modrušan’s original recipes have made this restaurant one of the most respected restaurants in Croatia and beyond. Zigante Restaurant was created in 2002 after Giancarlo Zigante transformed and adapted the old wine cellar of a local cooperative to high and modern standards into a restaurant. Three years before the restaurant opened, Giancarlo Zigante found in the Motovun forest one of the largest white truffles in the world, which was included in the Guinness Book of Records. With many years of experience and numerous local and international awards, the restaurant is deservedly ranked as one of the best Croatian restaurants. In addition to the 2005 Good Croatian Restaurants Award, Zigante is also a member of the prestigious French Young Chefs Association (JRE), whose standards are met by only 13 Croatian restaurants. The love of truffles and the constant refinement and implementation of world gastronomic trends are some of the postulates of this top-notch restaurant, which always delights its guests with its delicious and original recipes.