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There are many excellent restaurants, but only Zigante is completely dedicated to creating unique meals with truffles, which take the Istrian Tuber to a position it truly deserves.

Restaurant Zigante was opened to present the wider public with the possibilities and advantages of truffles in a culinary sense and it is the first Croatian restaurant specialized in preparing truffle-based meals. Located in the center of Livade, in the vicinity of one of the largest natural habitats of truffles, Zigante has a geographical position that many restaurants around the world could only wish for.

During the whole year, the restaurant offers carefully devised menu based on fresh truffles, created in accordance to the seasons of Istrian truffles. Therefore, dishes with fresh black truffles are offered during the whole calendar year, and meals with white truffles are only served between October and December. Distinguished meals are accompanied by a large selection of domestic and foreign wines.

Chefs and sommeliers of the restaurant have received many international awards for their exceptional work, and except for other awards and recognitions, in 2005 restaurant Zigante also won first place in the category of “Good Croatian Restaurants”. That’s why it is not so strange for visitors from all around the globe to come and visit this restaurant located in the small Istrian village.