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One of the best Croatian chefs, Damir Modrušan, will once again demonstrate his culinary expertise at making delicious truffle specialties at this year’s edition of „Zigante’s truffle days“. Celebration of „the great white truffle“ takes place each year in a small Istrian village Livade and nearby Motovun forest, one of the world’s largest natural truffle habitats. This truffle fair is organized by Zigante, leading Croatian brand in hunting and serving truffles, as well as making various truffle-based products.

We are sure that Damir Modrušan, awarded chef of our restaurant Zigante and member of the prestigious JRE chef association, will please the senses of even the most demanding gourmands with carefully prepared specialties from his originally designed menu based on unique truffle flavors. Same as always, you can certainly expect a lot of creativity, passion and effort built into those tasty dishes made by our chef Damir, who uses only fresh seasonal ingredients and special treats, such as this unique mushroom, to serve you a perfect meal, both visually and taste wise.

Visit truffle fair in Livade and smell the intensive truffle scents in the air, see how a professional deals with them in the kitchen, and taste fresh and seductive truffle aromas and flavors in some of the best Istrian specialties.