Beef steak with black truffle

Beef steak with black truffle

Only a small amount of black truffle can bring out the “best” in any food, and the amazing flavors in every gourmet combination are due to the complementarity of truffles’ distinctive aroma. The Zigante restaurant, which impresses gourmets from all over the world with its cuisine and wine list, is known for its high-quality truffle-based meals. Every plate offered is woven with our dedication and enthusiasm for truffles, which tells the wonderful narrative of Istria’s lengthy truffle legacy. When we construct our menu, we keep a mix of traditional and current flavors in mind, and the talent and competence of our experienced chefs transforms every concept into an exciting and distinctive culinary experience.

As a result, we decided to experiment with novel flavors using well-known ingredients, such as beef steak. With the addition of black truffles, we chose to take the quality and exquisite taste of the steak to a whole new level, and the result is a completely new rhapsody of flavors that you have never tasted before. Join us at Zigante Restaurant to create your own culinary adventure!

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