Mastercard Priceless is a digital marketing platform which provides Mastercard users with exclusive and unforgettable adventures all around the world, with more than 40 destinations accessible from over 70 countries. The platform includes bars, restaurants, hotels, and other providers of special services and unique experiences.

One of those rare destinations in Croatia is a fine-dining restaurant Zigante, the first Croatian restaurant specialized in preparing creative dishes based on natural Istrian truffles. Situated in Livade, in the vicinity of Motovun forest, which is one of the most fertile natural habitats of white truffles, the restaurant is in a location of which many other restaurants in the world can only dream. Fresh and aromatic truffles are coming into the kitchen of Damir Modrušan directly from the forest, where this true culinary artist, who knows truffles inside and out, uses them to create an array of fascinating and delicious dishes.

Apart from spectacular food, the restaurant is also decorated in a distinguished fashion, combining modernity and a rustic ambience to such extent that it’s hard to focus only on the taste of the meals. For guests who want to prolong their stay at Livade, Zigante also offers comfortable accommodation in a typical Istrian house, completely renovated and fully equipped for a complete vacation.

If you want to experience something completely different, Mastercard Priceless together with restaurant Zigante is the opportunity you definitely shouldn’t miss out on.