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Storage of Truffles

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Storage of Truffles

Efforts bearing fruits

Proper storage of fresh truffles requires attention and effort, but every single bite of a delicacy prepared with truffles proves that the effort was worthwhile.

After picking, every fresh truffle must be thoroughly cleansed from dirt with a soft brush (like a soft toothbrush) and with running cold water. Truffles are sensitive organisms which are dehydrating and losing their scent so it is best to consume them as soon as possible. Since moisture is the biggest enemy of truffles, before and between uses, it is best to wrap the dry truffle in a clean paper towel, close it tightly in a jar and store it in the refrigerator door. With daily changes of the paper towel, this storage method guarantees a high quality of the esteemed white truffle for approximately one week, and of the black truffle for approximately two weeks. When the truffle becomes soft, it must be consumed right away because that is a sign that it reaches its final ripeness.

Black truffles can be stored in a freezer for a longer period of time. They can be stored for up to 3 months in the ice container even though they will lose some of their aroma. They can be frozen in two ways: individually wrapped in foil and vacuumed in a plastic bag or packaged in plastic bags with olive oil, without air contact. It is not required to defrost frozen truffles before use - finely grated frozen truffles will be defrosted by the food temperature.

Black truffles can also be stored for 2 to 3 days in the refrigerator in a container with fresh eggs. The truffle aroma will permeate the egg yolks and turn a “simple” omelet into a gourmand delicacy.

A good idea is also to grate fresh truffles and mix them with butter and then freeze the resulting truffle butter in smaller portions practical for use.

It is by no means recommended to dry truffles in a home dehydrator because the majority part of flavor is lost due to heat and the long-lasting process. The same goes for home preservation which subtracts flavor from thermo-sensitive truffles.