The harmony of an authentic menu and high class wines

The harmony of an authentic menu and high class wines

Wine has a ability to emphasize the delicate flavors of food and complete the gastronomic experience, this is the reason why at the Zigante restaurant we give exceptional attention to a wine list whose wines emphasize the delicate flavors of the Istrian truffle. Ideal Wine choice depends on the selection of specialties from our unique menu. In order to ensure a complementary combination, the wine list includes champagnes, sparkling wines, white, rose and red sweet wines that will enrich the tasting of certain dishes in their own way. Although it is mainly based on top local examples of Istrian winemakers such as Malvasia and Teran, the offer is also adorned with prominent European wines such as Italian Rebula and French Dom Perignon.

Some of the sparkling wines in our offer are: Misal Prestige, Misal Blanc de Blancs, Rose; from white: Malvazija, Alba, Virgo; from reds: Gran Teran, Teran, Santa Elisabetta; and in our wine chart we offer: Unicum, Merlot, Malvazija, Brut, Rose Castagna and others.

Our extensive offer gives guests an opportunity to experience a new varieties and step out of the ordinary. It our pleasure to offer our guests the classics as well as new discoveries that represent our emphasis on quality, value and affinity for our food offerings. The most important parameter for a wine is – wine must complement our menu selection.

Wine lovers will enjoy the process of pairing the wine with the flavors of the selected dish, and for an unmistakable choice, our expert sommelier is here to ensure the completeness of the gastronomic pleasure with his suggestions.

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