December is all about having a break from work, taking some time for yourself and your friends and family, and enjoying little things as much as you can. Restaurant Zigante, perfectly integrated into the timeless landscape of the picturesque Istrian village of Livade, offers you a unique opportunity to experience all the magic of winter at one place.

Restaurant Zigante, with the renowned chef Damir Modrušan as head of the kitchen, is specialized in preparing exceptional truffle dishes, which are inspired by the traditional Istrian cuisine, and made with high-quality ingredients and homemade products. But Livade is not just the home of restaurant Zigante and gourmet pleasures. It’s also known as the world’s truffle center, with Motovun forest, one of the largest natural habitats of white truffles, on just a few minutes of drive from the village.

Enjoy spectacular views of the amazing nature and charming old Istrian stone houses, relax in a peaceful and calming setting, taste some of the best truffle specialties and delicacies you’ve ever had, take a sip of some of the top Istrian wines, and simply feel the satisfaction and coziness in every one of your senses.

If you want to treat yourself and your loved ones with a truly unforgettable winter adventure, Livade and Restaurant Zigante are the choices you should definitely consider.