The unique tasting menu incorporates Zigante’s vision and flavors

The unique tasting menu incorporates Zigante’s vision and flavors

The culinary oasis is located in the heart of the meadows known as Zigante. It represents a professional inspiration and culinary art, which uses a prized culinary ingredient – truffles! Truffles are commodity that will elevate your fine-dining experience and refine even further our chef’s professionally prepared dishes. Truffles have a musky scent and an intoxicating, singular flavor that you will be able to experience by tasting our refined menu. This includes multiple dishes prepared just for you, bringing to you our concept and vision of Zigante restaurant! Our mission is to give our customers a place to celebrate life’s special moments by offering the best food, service, and ambiance in Zigante. Our most successful and celebrated personal chefs are preparing dishes with extraordinary attention to every single detail on the plate, creating tastes that will dance across your palate! Our sommeliers will bring this experience even further (to the next level), and with creative menu will make any of your visits one to remember!

We are pleased to give you two options to choose – Gold or Silver Menu – with each being available to you as allergen (gluten) free menu.This unique experience in our restaurant Zigante will open your mind and awaken your taste buds to a range of new flavors, new ways of presenting food and new textures!

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