Truffles are one of the most expensive and most extravagant culinary ingredients which is included on almost every wish-list of chefs around the globe. There are six main varieties of truffles, and white truffles are considered to be the most valuable ones, mainly because of their intense aromas and flavors, but also because they can be found during the colder days of the year, which means late fall and winter.

 Season of white truffles in Istria, a region abundant with these amazing underground mushrooms, starts in September and lasts until the end of January, which is why this time of the year is the best to go hunting and tasting truffles. Some of the varieties, such as Istrian white truffle – Tuber Magnatum Pico – need lower temperatures to develop that distinctive scent and flavor, and as all the other truffle varieties, it’s always best to taste them fresh. Besides, fall and winter also bring other ripe fruits of nature to the kitchen, some of which can be quite delicious when combined with white truffles.

If you need more convincing that later part of the year is the proper truffle time, just picture yourself sitting in the cozy and warm interior of Restaurant Zigante, enjoying some of the unique specialties prepared under the strict guidance of Damir Modrušan, main chef of the restaurant, and one of the best Croatian culinary experts regarding truffles. Add a sip of highquality Istrian wine to that whole experience, and you’re in for a real winter treat.