Zigante Truffle Days festival in Livade offers a wide array of unique gourmet specialties and delicacies based on precious truffles, which are collected right on the spot, in the nearby Motovun forest. Truffle burger is one of those on trend specialties you can try only during the festival, and it will definitely take your burger experience to the next level.

The recipe is designed by our renowned chef Damir Modrušan, who carefully chose all the ingredients and added creative and aromatic dimensions to this tasty and juicy dish. Truffle burger is prepared with meat of an indigenous variety of Istrian ox called “boškarin”, which is placed between two sides of a fresh burger bun and enriched with unprecedented aromas and flavors of Istrian black truffles.  Apart from all that, it also contains fresh seasonal vegetables and a special sauce that gives the burger a refreshing and a bit spicy taste.

If truffles made it to your all-time favorite ingredient list, or you are simply a huge fan of burgers, this specialty is something you shouldn’t miss out on. Just don’t forget that Zigante Truffle Days fair ends on November 18th, which leaves you with only three more weekends to enjoy this burger wonder, together with other unique delicacies and specialties made with amazing and fresh Istrian truffles.