Zigante Truffle Day 2022

Zigante Truffle Day 2022

For all truffle lovers or for all those who are just about to become and want to experience this unique and valuable tuber and sweeten their palates, this is the event for you!

Zigante Truffle Days are held every year in the heart of Istria – Livade. The village is located near the picturesque town of Motovun on a hill, which is surrounded by the famous Motovun forest. This green oasis is considered to be the richest locality of white truffles, although it can be found in almost all valleys in the region. This makes Livade the center of Istrian white truffles and a place where you can taste the tradition of Istria.

To enrich your experience, there is a diverse program that includes a truffle fair, an international exhibition of wine and other local Istrian products (such as Istrian prosciutto, sausage, cheese, honey, olive oil, brandy), demonstrations of truffle hunting in the woods, and various tastings of truffle specialties presented by famous chefs.

The event attracts many truffle hunters, esteemed chefs, travel bloggers, gastronomic experts, truffle gastro promoters, politicians, artists, celebrities, etc. Guests from Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Austria and even distant Japan come to taste this unique mushroom, admire the beauty end and participate yourself in finding truffles. Zigante Truffle Days will be held every weekend in October.

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