Gin is one of those spirits that somehow always managed to stay way up high on the popularity scale of stronger drinks and maintain its status as the omnipresent cocktail ingredient regardless of trends.

The main reason is its capability to adapt and blend in with a lot of different flavors and aromas, making it ideal for mixing with various spices and otherdrinks, tonic being the most popular one.

Exclusive offer in Restaurant Zigante includes 11 different world-class brands of Ginand seven brands of the best Tonic water. We aspireto provide our guests with the best gin-drinkingexperience and to satisfy even the most sophisticated gin lovers.

Our friendly staff will give you the pleasure of choosing between thebest bottles of gin in the world such asWiliams Chase, Monkey 47, Hendrick’s, Mayfair, Plymouth, Tankveueray, Gin Mare, Martin Miller’s, Aviaton, Roby Marton and Mombasa.

Whether you want longer or shorter drink, stronger or sweeter, ice cold or set onfire, gin can give you all of it. Here at Restaurant Zigante, we serve ginin many different ways with whole sets of spices of your choosing includingPeruvianRose, staranise,pepper, cinnamon bark, lilacs andkumquats.

When in doubt, say Gin. That’s all it takes to make your day better!

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