Being a Michelin inspector is not all about eating at the best restaurants and getting a big paycheck every month.

First of all, this job takes a lot of time and effort but it also includes traveling around the globe, not getting to see your family much and usually dining all by yourself.

Life of Michelin inspector is actually quite hard and becoming one is not any easier. All candidates with suitable resumes, or better to say their sense of judgment and their palate, are tested rigorously. Some of the key qualities of a good Michelin inspector are an inquisitive and open mind, attention to details and, of course, specific passion for food. They should be able to feel the food with every sense, even have that “sixth” sense when it comes to experiencing the meal but being able to see and feel something others can’t is not enough. Good Michelin inspector must also process that information and find a way to rate it properly for the Michelin guide.

Although ratings are made based on food, inspector must also focus on everything else around him to get the best first-hand experience about the meal and the restaurant itself. In order to get a Michelin star or improve further up the scale the chef and the whole staff must be at their best. Restaurant Zigante is one of the rare restaurants in Croatia with recommendation of Michelin guide. That means that restaurant Zigante meets the highest standards, not only regarding Michelin, but gastronomy in general.

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