Truffles are a unique Istrian specialty whose intoxicating scent is spreading throughout the Istrian peninsula in this autumn times. Truffle is an underground plant, a tuber that can grow to the size of an apple, and in Istria the largest truffle sites are found in the valley of the Mirna River. The truffle hunt, which is harvested only when they are mature enough, is carried out by a professional truffle hunter accompanied by trained dogs. The intense aroma of this tuber plant buried up to 30 cm below ground is best felt in the early morning hours. In the past, truffle hunting was accompanied by female pigs that could smell an intense truffle smell, similar to the smell of pheromones of male pigs, but often the skilled pigs ate all they could find. Therefore, the search for truffles is being carried out today by trained dogs. Dog training is a particularly challenging task, and dogs are trained from an early age to find truffles. Mostly are used small cheese or truffles pieces that are buried in the ground, after which the dogs are released to find them. After that, dogs must be rewarded with a treat for the successful discovery. On average, it takes four years to successfully train a truffle-hunter dog, which is why good dog hunters are especially valued in finding truffles. The demanding task is further complicated by the endless locations of these underground gems, which are usually found next to the roots of poplar, beech, oak or birch trees. Success in finding the right truffle location depends on the experience and knowledge of truffle hunters and the training of the trained dogs.