Winter holidays are a perfect time to delight your colleagues and indulge your family and friends with sophisticated flavors of Istrian cuisine. If you are looking for a unique fine-dining destination to spend your Christmas in, look no more because restaurant Zigante offers you the ideal setting for this special occasion.

Restaurant Zigante is well known for its rich seasonal menu which mainly includes original dishes with truffles, but also a variety of other dishes prepared from valuable and rare ingredients. Our “a la carte” menu is inspired by recipes of traditional local cuisine and includes dishes made from seasonal ingredients such as truffles and other forest mushrooms, but it also includes meals without truffles, gluten-free and vegetarian meals so that each of our guests can find that perfect bite he was looking for.

Ready your senses for the exciting gastro adventure in the world of fresh black and white truffles found in the nearby Motovun forest, and prepared by our renowned chef DamirModrušan – a true expert when it comes to combining modern culinary techniques with unique artisan ingredients. We have also prepared an extensive and versatile wine list so that we can pair each dish with the ideal wine and provide you with the best combination of flavors and aromas you have ever had the chance to taste.

Visit restaurant Zigante and turn your Christmas reception or other festive occasion into an unforgettable gourmet experience you and your company will certainly enjoy.

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