When it comes to delicious truffles, Istrian white truffle is considered to be one of the most valuable varieties in the world. The reason for that lies in those intensive aromas and scents this variety of truffles provides, as well as the distinguished flavors with potential to turn every meal into a unique delicacy.

But truffles weren’t always so popular in Istria. They were discovered about 80 years ago in the Motovun forest, one of the world’s largest natural habitats of white truffles, and were quickly accepted into the recipes of the local cuisine.

However, the real uprising of the Istrian white truffle started in 1999. when Mr. Giancarlo Zigante found the biggest specimen of Istrian white truffle, one worth the Guinness record title. Instead of selling it to the highest bidder, he decided to make a festival and serve it to the visitors, and from that moment on everything was different.

Today, Istria is one of the most desirable gourmet destinations in the world, all thanks to autochthonous and homemade products such as truffles, olive oils, wine, prosciutto, cheese and others. Many local and foreign guests visit Istria in search for this delicious mushroom – some in quest to find a truffle deep in the Motovun forest, some to enjoy creative specialties made with fresh Istrian white truffles.

If you haven’t had the right reason to visit the beautiful Istrian peninsula before, now you certainly have one – truffles.

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