Gault&Millau is one of the most famous and most precise international gastro guides with almost half a decade long tradition in recommending some of the best gourmet destinations in the world. It started as a monthly magazine in 1969 published by Henry Gault, Christian Millau, and André Gayot and quickly became one of the most influential French restaurant guides. Today, Gault&Millau is considered to be the biggest rival of the prestigious Michelin guide.

Just as Michelin is well-known for its precious stars, Gault&Millau is recognized by a chef’s hat or a toque, a symbol which represents the quality of dishes served in the restaurant. One restaurant can get as much as five toques, the most valuable status that only the most prominent restaurants are able to acquire.

The rating system presented by the Gault&Millau is based strictly on the quality of good food and the rating ranges on a scale from 1 to 20, although restaurants that get less than 10 points are never listed in the guide. Gault&Millau gastro guide for the year 2018 included several Croatian restaurants, with restaurant Zigante being a part of that elite company.

Restaurant Zigante which gained its good reputation by following the path of delicious truffles also managed to impress anonymous experts and inspectors from Gault&Millau who awarded the restaurant with 14 points and one toque.

This summer Gault&Millau will launch a special Croatian edition of the guidebook, together with the mobile application and website, which is something we are all looking forward to because Croatia’s regional cuisine, from Istria to Slavonia, has a lot of amazing gastro experiences to offer, to both local and foreign guests.

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