Istria is one of the most trending tourist destinations in Europe, both in summer and winter. While summer is mostly attractive because of deep blue Adriatic Sea and beautiful coast, winter is the time when tourists from all around the world visit the village of Livade located in the heartland of Istria, right next to the Motovun forest, which has the reputation of being one of the largest natural habitats of precious truffles in the world.

Throughout history, both black and white truffles have been given different nicknames such as “food of the Gods” “culinary diamonds”, “white and black gold”, and many of us were surely at one point wondering why truffles are so often compared to some of the most valuable materials such as diamonds and gold. Here are some interesting facts that will certainly provide you with an answer to that question.

First of all, truffles possess the intensive scent and rich aromas that can hardly be compared to anything else. If you’re looking for that special ingredient that will raise your dish to a whole new level, truffles should most definitely become your new best friends. Sliced in thin layers, or grinded on top of the already cooked meal, truffles will provide your senses with spectacular flavors and aromas with each bite.

Also, truffles have a unique way of growth, connecting with tree roots to create perfect symbiosis, which makes artificial production almost impossible. They can only be found in the natural setting such as Motovun forest, where the soil, vegetation and specific climate create ideal conditions for their development. Thus, truffles are one of the purest products of nature, with basically no chance of being exploited in the industrial sense.

One other interesting story about truffles is their effect on our health and body in general. While some believe truffles can be used as an aphrodisiac and some are convinced that truffles can help treating tumors, truth is probably somewhere in between and depends on the consumer. What we know for a fact is that truffles have great nutritive value, they are rich in proteins, fibers and vitamin D, they are cholesterol-free and completely non-allergenic.

All those benefits combined with distinguished aromas and their ability to connect with other flavors are what makes truffles one of the most desirable ingredients of every decent culinary artist, and also make Istria one of the most desirable gourmet destinations in the world.

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