The Istrian peninsula is a true paradise for truffle enthusiasts, no matter the season during which you decide to visit. While autumn and winter are mostly reserved for the Tuber Magnatum or the Istrian white truffle, summer is the perfect time to enjoy rich flavors and aromas of the black variety of truffles called Tuber Aestivum, also called “the summer truffle”.

This variety can reach the size of an apple and provides a slightly less intensive scent and flavor than the white truffle, but unlike Tuber Magnatum it can be found in larger quantities and almost throughout the whole year. The visual characteristics of summer truffles are quite distinctive – a globose shape, a black peridium with visible cross stripes and a light-colored gleba with many white veins. The scent is light and aromatic, somewhat earthy and reminds a bit of wild mushrooms, but overall it is a pleasant and seductive smell.

If you want to get to know the Istrian truffle varieties at their best, then restaurant Zigante, located in Livade, in the vicinity of Motovun Forest, is always the right choice. Since Motovun Forest is one of the largest truffle habitats in Istria and around the world, we always get our truffles fresh – from the underground hiding spot directly to our kitchen where our renowned chef Damir Modrušan, a true expert when it comes to preparing meals with this valuable mushroom, combines them with other fresh seasonal and quality ingredients to create sensational dishes.

Try some of the unique specialties and delicacies made with black summer truffle from our extensive menu, discover the incredible world of Istrian truffles, and feel that excitement over food once again.

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