After a short winter break, Zigante restaurant will once again on the 14th of March, open its doors and welcome guests with yet another creative and new menu based on the ingredient of the house, the magical mushroom called truffle.

Spring brings new set of truffle flavors to Zigante kitchen

First months of the new calendar year in Istria, especially in Livade, is reserved for black truffles – a somewhat less expensive variety but still an amazing culinary ingredient which is able to transform even the simplest dish into a unique specialty. Our well-known chef Damir Modrušan will once more present his distinguished taste for truffles and open his little chest with culinary ideas and recipes to provide the guests of the Zigante restaurant with something new, different and delicious.

New degustation menu is based on black truffles and offers four different choices, all of which can be prepared without any allergens:

  • Royal Prestige – 6 courses, wine pairing, gin and tonic
  • Gold – 5 courses, wine pairing, gin and tonic
  • Silver – 4 courses, wine pairing, gin and tonic
  • Bronze – 3 courses, wine pairing, gin and tonic

Spring is still a week away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all those flavors and aromas provided by this season right now. Visit restaurant Zigante, treat yourself and your company with the best truffle delicacies and specialties, and let your senses feel the perfect introduction to spring-time cuisine.

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