Truffles are considered to be one of the most amazing products of nature, appreciated for their seductive scent and aromas, and often compared to the finest stuff we can experience on our palate such as caviar and champagne. The thing about truffles is, they can only be found in several destinations around the world, mostly because the conditions for their growth are hard to match.

Motovun forest in Istria is one of the world’s largest natural habitats of truffles and therefore one of the most desirable destinations for many tourists who are looking for more than just a gourmet truffle experience. “Zigante” is able to provide guests with the ultimate truffle adventure which includes truffle hunt as well as preparing the truffles found during the hunt in the nearby restaurant specialized in truffle dishes.

Zigante family became famous in 1999 when Giancarlo Zigante, the Istrian king of truffles, found a truffle which entered the Guinness book of records as the biggest white truffle at the time. Instead of selling the truffle, he organized a celebration and served it to the visitors in order to present the wider public with the outstanding quality of truffles found in this area. Almost two decades later, Zigante is proud to provide its guests with a truly unique truffle experience, or better to say a combination of different experiences gathered around this precious mushroom.

During the whole year you can enjoy organized truffle hunts in Motovun forest with experienced guides and trained dogs, stay in comfortable and luxurious 4* rooms, taste perfect truffle creations of chef Damir Modrušan at the Zigante Restaurant, and bring home some of the finest truffle products from the Zigante truffle shop. Colorful woodlands of Motovun will provide you with peace and quiet, professional truffle pickers will teach you all there is to know about the mystery behind truffle hunt, and Restaurant Zigante will take care of everything else, from a warm welcome and hospitality to flawless service and gourmet truffle delicacies.

Visit Restaurant Zigante in Livade, discover new ways of enjoying truffles and treat yourself with a vacation you will certainly remember.

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