Welcome to the Zigante’s world of truffles

Magic is usually found in fairytales, good night stories or scenarios that are present in everyone’s imagination before falling asleep. Various dimensions and worlds really are a part of imagination’s creation. But sometimes fairtyle’s beauty can be seen in our reality. It can be found in gastronomy which can be entered by everyone who is ready to enjoy creative and amazing cookery. Zigante wants to welcome you to its world of truffles!

Gourmet’s beauty of this delight is famous to the lovers of true gratifications. Truffle’s unique flavor already conquered the stage of gastronomy and Zigante truffles has only one cause – To bring truffles to anyone who doesn’t have the luck to live in very center of that world! To get to know what awaits you in this world full of flavors, aromas and intensely truffles, first you need to meet you host – of course, we’re talking about truffles, what else!

Known as the true treasure hidden beneath the ground, truffles are specie of edible mushrooms growing under the ground beside the tree roots and generally grown from cherry to apple size, although sometimes they can get to a truly great specimen! Gourmet’s mushrooms yet another synonym, are known as key ingredient for creating the most beautiful delights and gourment experience! Black or white whichever you prefer, the truffle will amazingly spice your imaginated menu and blown away everyone’s palate!

Zigante truffles the primary creators of this world, are the  leading processing and sales company of truffles, and are placed at the very top of Croatian culinary art. The production range includes a wide range of around 50 products based on truffles. These products enable the preparation of amazing dishes that will impress each and every host who is creator of these culinary sequences as well as his guests, who will have a chance to try this refined taste specific to Istrian truffles!

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