The division of truffles into different types is based primarily on morphological characteristics such as shape, size, color, ornamentation, an appearance of fruit and periodic, smell and taste.

Currently, there are 63 kinds of mushrooms classified as Tuber. Only nine out of 25 species grow in Italy and Istria edible, while the most commonly available 4 species. Today we are talking about the one we are welcoming to our dining experience.

Tuber Aestivum: Also known as the Truffle de la St. Jean, summer black truffles are a delicious and versatile ingredient. Depending on weather variations, the season for this truffle goes from May to the end of August, which is why they are considered as spring truffles as well. They grow among oak, hazelnut, chestnut, elm and poplar trees, like the winter variety. From the outside, it looks pretty much like the Winter Black truffle, with a knobby, roundish shape and dark brown skin. The flesh or interior of the truffle is yellowish-grey, with spidery white veins webbing around. Towards the end of the summer, the flesh turns a darker brown. The summer black truffle is not as spectacularly fragrant and aromatic as the white truffle, but it does have a very nice perfume, much more subtle, but still quite lovely.

How to use it?

Feel free to use liberally, as the summer truffle is less expensive than the other black truffles. Julienne and add to a salad. Shave thinly and serve raw or slightly warmed to protect the delicate flavor. Layer truffle flavors by using truffle butter or truffle oil in your recipe, and fresh shavings of summer truffle as an accent. They are better utilized by being cooked, to bring out the most of that subtly earthy chocolaty flavor as possible. Or you can check what we offer you on our menu, and ask chefs about some Istrian recipes they may suggest you to try.

Which benefits do truffles have?

As befits a food made by gods, the Romans attributed truffles with aphrodisiacal powers. But it depends on the variety. Nature always talks for itself and gives us what we need at the exact time. Which is why the varieties exist. Spring is the time when your body awakes, same as Tuber Aestivum. It is perfect for vegetarians, or those who have health problems but they are in need of high level of protein. Or as well Vitamin D, which is preparing your skin for the Sun. They are also high in fiber and cholesterol free. In the end, when you try it you will realize what are we talking about. Or visit our restaurant so that we can guide you through this amazing world of fungi.

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