Istrian peninsula has, for a long time now, drawn guest from all over the world with its amazing natural heritage and beautiful landmarks. Coastal part of the region is well-known for the crystal blue Adriatic Sea and shipshape beaches, while the continental part gained its respectable reputation through stunning biological diversity, including many nature parks and other unique areas protected by the law. Whether you prefer bicycle rides through hidden paths or climbing over hilltops, walking through the vineyards and olive groves or perhaps exploring the depths of the sea, here in Istria you’ll find it all.

Apart from spectacular views and attractions, one other reason why this region is so special is the way of life of Istrians who learned throughout history how to live in perfect harmony with all those natural gifts. Istria is now popular for its high-quality wines, olive oils, truffles and many other natural products, mostly thanks to autochthonous varieties and rich tradition of winemaking, olive-pressing and truffle-hunting. Istrian wines are drunk all over the world, Motovun forest is considered to be one of world’s largest natural habitats of truffles, and on top of everything Istria was recently declared the best olive oil region in the world.

With all those healthy and natural ingredients in hand, and others such as wild asparagus and a variety of fish and seafood, it’s easy to understand why the local Istrian cuisine is so seductive and tasty, and with all those natural gifts it is quite obvious why many tourists find Istria to be one of the most desirable destinations for their vacation.

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