The rhapsody of flavors is hidden in almost every aspect of a wide variety of truffle-based recipes. The top preparation of fresh black truffles of Istria ultimately provides a true experience of tasting this treasure of the land, and to get to know the whole range of beauty provided by truffles, head to our restaurant Zigante in Livade. The recipe of gastronomic sequences with black truffles always hides amazing flavors, aromas and textures, united in the amazing ecstasy of incredible shades that tease the palate and its taste buds with their harmony – meet this expectations by tasting fantastic pasta with fresh black truffles.
We, in the restaurant Zigante proud of the skills of top processing and preparation of a wide variety of recipes based on black treasure, while coordinated flavors of tender pasta and aromatic black truffles are just one of the specialties of their cuisine. Our top team prepares this sequence using high quality ingredients, while the foundations are homemade pasta prepared from fresh eggs, as well as fantastic summer black truffles that are truly known for their specific taste and aromatic, intense shades fantastically combined with tender softness of the pasta and the famous Velouté vegetable sauce, while ultimately forming that sought-after rhapsody.
An Istrian classic awaits you in our Restaurant Zigante, whose recipes will completely seduce you and provide a true gastronomic experience!

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