Michelin recommended restaurant for 2020

There are numerous awards and praises of gastronomy that justify the effort, knowledge and specific skills of creating unique and most delicious dishes. So we can proudly say that our restaurant Zigante is recognized on the gastronomic map of the world and now stands with a Michelin recommendation for tasting unique specialties prepared from truffles!

The praise of the masters of gastronomy certainly justified the effort and skills of our chefs in creating specific flavors based on truffles, which is how we present the first Croatian restaurant specializing in perfect truffle aromas. Our carefully designed menu thus met with another compliment and great honor – a Michelin recommendation. Providing a superior gastronomic experience for our guests, we meet all the requirements of true gastronomes by offering them a unique ecstasy of combined flavors, aromas and textures, which is our fundamental goal.

We invite you to taste our truffle specialties because your palate, as well as your own pleasure of tasting, is one of our favorite compliments and awards!

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