Truffles have been amazing human senses from time memorial, but nowadays they are considered to be much more than just tasty mushrooms with potential to turn every dish into a culinary sensation. Even before, truffles were thought of as aphrodisiacs, but lately they are becoming more and more valued for the other and numerous health benefits.

From nutritive perspective, truffles are rich in proteins, fibers and D vitamin, low in carbohydrates and free of cholesterol – characteristics which make truffles a perfectly healthy food. When speaking of health benefits, studies have shown that truffles can have a positive effect on blood lipids reduction, energy boosting, immunological resistance, treatments of cardiovascular and other diseases. Besides, truffles are also known for their antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. It is often said that truffles are “the best food for our brain” because the active elements in truffles can improve learning abilities, memory, concentration and mental endurance.

We could say that all these health benefits seem quite logical since truffles are a unique variety of mushrooms, which grow under the ground and only in symbiosis with specific types of trees. In other words, truffles can only be produced in nature and in perfect harmony. Hidden, delicious, healthy and curative product of pure nature.

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