In order to expand his well-known Zigante brand, Giancarlo Zigante, famous Istrian “king of truffles” decided to gather around the same table all three traditional Istrian natural products – truffles, wine and olive oil. Five years ago the first batch of 2.600 bottles was made in the Zigante winery, in 2015 that number rose to more than 50.000 bottles, and this year’s production will certainly set some new records.

Wine-making is not just a business in Istria, it’s more of a way of life for the locals, and wine itself presents more than just a tasty content in a glass. Zigante wines are produced from the grapes grown on the prestigious Frasco positions, located just under Kostanjica, overlooking the beautiful Mirna river. Since the Roman Empire this has been the spot for the manufacture and output of the perfect harmony of colors, fragrances and tastes in glass bottles.

Favorable climate conditions in combination with rich soil and indigenous Istrian grape varieties make this location ideal for producing high-quality wine. Nature provides the perfect basis for a good wine, and here at Zigante winery we provide modern technology and constant care to produce wines with specific aromas and flavors that will certainly please the senses of even the most enthusiastic wine-lovers.

The wines offered in the Zigante winery are rich in taste and pleasantly aromatic. The most famous blends are Malvasia Istriana, Rose Castagna, Cabernet Sauvignon, S. Stefano, Terano S. Stefano Gran Riserva and Brut sparkling wine.

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