Polenta with Adriatic shrimp, wild asparagus and fresh black truffle

Black truffles, Adriatic shrimp and wild asparagus are seasonal delicacies that we can enjoy in the spring. In our seasonal dish, polenta with Adriatic shrimp, wild asparagus and fresh black truffles, we combined all these spring delicacies into one special dish that connects all Istrian regions. We are the only Croatian restaurant that bases its menu on truffle dishes. The meadows are located near the Motovun forest, one of the most valued truffle regions, or sites. Also nearby is the Adriatic Sea, and in the Kvarner Bay there are shrimp that are great in combination with truffles. Spring is asparagus season, and we made sure you try them in our recipes as well. Because of their medicinal properties, they are also called “royal vegetables”.

Each of these foods is a delicacy in its own right, but together they make a wonderful blend of central Istrian and seafood flavors, all enriched with fresh black truffles – a dish that has found its place on the menu of the Zigante restaurant.

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