One of the best recommendations a restaurant can receive in the world of high gastronomy is definitely the one in famous Michelin Guide.

With hundred-year-old tradition of restaurant selection, Michelin now guarantees the quality of service of more than 20.000 restaurants in 28 countries all across Europe, Asia and America.

Although best Croatian fine-dining locations were under the spotlight of Michelin for quite some time, it was only this year the 35 Croatian restaurants were finally included in the digital edition of their 2017 guide. Restaurant Zigante is also proud to be among the twelve Istrian restaurants officially included in the world-famous Michelin Guide.

Last Friday, high representatives of Michelin Guide visited restaurant Zigante in Livade to hand over the Michelin plate, official reward for becoming a member of the largest restaurant family in the world with a symbol of Michelin quality.

The guide has developed a special evaluation system based on the quality of ingredients, culinary expertise, creativity and value for money relation. Innovative and original truffle-based seasonal menu prepared by our experienced chef Damir Modrušan in combination with unique location of the restaurant, natural and fresh ingredients and the outstanding service we provide to our guests made sure that restaurant Zigante is recognized as the place that meets the highest gastronomy standards of the Michelin Guide.

We will continue to give our best and keep providing our guests with the best dining experiences they can get on this beautiful Istrian peninsula.

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