Search for the most delicious mushrooms

Gold is really hard to find – where to look for it? The same situation is with black treasure, as truffles are fondly called. It is a demanding job, but once you find the gold you are looking for, are there better rewards than the complete ecstasy of their tastes and aromas?

Demanding, but fun work with the best climax – tasting the most delicious recipes prepared with delicate mushroom, truffle. But how to find it? Although, unfortunately, there is no map that leads you to the destination marked with the symbol x, there are still some tricks up your sleeve that can help you with your search.

You should always go early in the morning when the moisture intensifies the smells in the ground and thus really facilitates the search. Of course, a good choice of partner is most important, and a dog tracker will be of great help to you. He digs with his paw to show the position of the truffle, which should then be carefully dug up while being careful not to damage it. A usual habitat of the truffles is the roots of trees such as beech, oak, willow, elm and poplar, and their most famous site in Croatia is the valley of the river Mirna in Istria.

So, let’s repeat the basic rules – slowly, carefully, patiently and with a faithful and trained tracker dog or an experienced truffle expert. Maybe it’s better to go with both of them, just to be sure that the treasure will eventually be found and prepared in the most delicious way!

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