Restaurant Zigante has once again prepared exquisite gastronomic creations for the visitors of ATP Umag.

Our experienced chef Damir Modrušan, specialized in creating unique truffle meals, will present “Zigante boskarin burger”, one-of-a-kind burger made of boskarin meat in a fresh bun with delicious truffle cheese cream, ketchup, delightful mayonnaise with truffles, tomatoes, lettuce and purple onions.

The exceptional taste of boskarin meat, indigenous variety of Istrian ox, combined with unprecedented aromas and flavors of Istrian truffles and fresh seasonal vegetables will provide our guests with the burger experience of a lifetime. The burger is only as good as the fries, therefore, as tradition requires, Zigante boskarin burger will be also served with French fries.

Find your way to gastronomic pleasures by following trails of Istria Gourmet Restaurant during ATP Umag 2017. Enjoy spectacular moves of some of the world’s best tennis players participating on this tournament and treat yourself with the original and creative dishes brought to you by Restaurant Zigante. Welcome and Bon Appetit!

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