The art of white truffle hunting

White truffle is one of the most expensive gourmet specialties, a characteristic that owes to the specific conditions of its origin. Namely, white truffle is an underground wild mushroom with an extremely aromatic and bitter taste, and it is most often found next to the roots of only certain trees such as linden, oak, willow, poplar and the like.

Apart from growing only in a certain part of the year, for example white truffles can only be found in autumn, there is another factor that makes these mushrooms extremely expensive – truffle hunting. The tradition of Istrian truffles includes special training of search dogs, training that can last for many years. Namely, sniffer dogs are trained while they are still puppies of a couple of months, when, with specialized training techniques, they begin to get used to the intense smell of truffles.

Weather conditions, humidity and time of a day are also important for successful truffle hunting. It is most often carried out early in the morning or late in the evening when the air temperature is lower and when experienced search dogs, with their refined sense of smell, can more easily find the exact place where this aromatic culinary treasure is hidden. This interesting tradition of Istrian truffles is included in the offer of the Zigante restaurant, which will take you on an unforgettable adventure called truffle hunting with expert guidance!

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