The beginning of autumn and the white truffle season also mean the beginning of Zigante Truffle Days, one-of-a-kind event held every year in Livade and organized by Zigante, one of the leading truffle brands in this region.

The reasons why this fair became so popular among true gourmands are quite numerous. First of all, Livade is located right next to the Motovun forest which is considered one of the best truffle-hunting areas in the world. That’s exactly where Mr. Giancarlo Zigante himself found that famous “Millennium truffle”, the largest truffle specimen which even entered the Guinness World Records.

Even though it’s predominantly a truffle fair, and precious truffles are holding the main stage, here you’ll also get a chance to taste some of the traditional Istrian delicacies such as prosciutto, sausages, cheese, olive oil, honey, wine and other homemade products.

Apart from the location and the rich gastro offer, the schedule of the fair is made so that every truffle lover can find a day or two off to enjoy his favorite delicacy. The fair stretches for ten weeks in a row, which means every gourmand can easily find time to visit Zigante truffle days at least once during the event. Two spectacular weekends are already behind us, but there’s nothing to worry about because there’s eight more to go, and you can still make it to Livade in time to enjoy all the benefits of this biggest regional truffle fair.

This year, more than 35,000 truffle lovers are expected to visit the fair. Are you ready to be a part of this unique gourmet experience?

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